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Dr Ronen Bordowski ,dentist, specializing in the All On 4 dental implant system.This article will explain the ALL ON 4 dental technique and its benefits.

?What is ALL On 4

The ALL ON 4 technique was invented by Dr. Paulo Malo from Portugal
This tecnique allows the dentist to implant a set of laboratory made
teeth in the patient "s mouth using only 4 or sometimes 6 implants
This revolutionary technique allows people to put aside their false teeth and enjoy their new teeth that look and feel no different from their original ones

The benefits of ALL ON 4 implants

.ALL ON 4 has many benefits and advantages over other techniques
Replacing missing teeth- ALL ON 4 helps the patient replace missing
or diseased teeth returning the natural good look to the mouth and
.thus restoring the patient"s self confidence and esteem

The technique minimizes surgical intervention. Within only one or
two visits to the dentist and a procedure that takes approximately 2 hours
.the patient acquires a new set of beautiful and healthy teeth

A revolutionary procedure

The ALL ON 4 technique is revolutionary because it is suitable to every one.It provides a good solution to those that have problematic jaw structure and/or insufficent bone mass. People who suffered accidents and those who just wish to have an attractive new look. This ALL ON 4 technique is meant for people that need or wish to replace all their teeth or only a part of them. A beautiful healthy looking set of teeth implanted on merely 4 to 6 titanium implants is the answer!